A staircase renovation with solid wood steps

A staircase renovation with the high-quality HAFA Treppen® solid wood steps is the alternative to laminate or vinyl versions. For those seeking a 100% natural product, this is the ideal choice. Manufactured with state-of-the-art CNC machines, you'll receive an exceptionally high-quality product with precisely tailored fit. This saves you hassle and mess during the staircase renovation or refurbishment.

Even with a staircase renovation using solid wood steps, we offer brushed surface treatments: fine (elegant) or coarse (rustic, Mediterranean). A staircase renovated or refurbished with solid wood steps is durable, easy to clean, and seamlessly blends into any living space.

Choose from 6 different types of wood.

HAFA staircase renovation with solid maple wood steps



Brinell hardness: 39

HAFA staircase renovation with solid beech wood steps



Brinell hardness: 42

HAFA staircase renovation with solid oak wood steps



Brinell hardness: 42

HAFA staircase renovation with solid ash wood steps



Brinell hardness: 42

HAFA staircase renovation with solid cherry wood steps



Brinell hardness: 37

HAFA staircase renovation with solid walnut wood steps



Brinell hardness: 26

Other wood types available upon request.

Further information about our solid wood steps

HAFA exclusively uses selected A/C grade woods, 18mm solid wood continuous slats with varying widths, slat width ranging from 40 - 160mm, resulting in a natural appearance of the tread surface. Six wood types are standard at HAFA. Additional wood types or stains are available upon request. In the solid wood program, three standard front edges are selectable: Straight "Classic Style", Profiled "Elegance", and Double profiled.


  • 18mm solid wood finger-jointed with continuous lamella
  • AB grade
  • Back sealed, counter-lacquered

Overview/Comparison Hardness of Wood Species


We offer various surface treatments for our solid wood steps:


raw for individual coatings
painted three-fold sealed stair lacquer, satin matte
oiled/waxed for a natural matte surface
brushed* optionally, the above-mentioned coatings can be combined


*) Optional, alongside the smooth sanded surface, there are two brushed textures available for selection (coarse - rustic, Mediterranean appearance; fine - elegant look).

Note: With this option, the risers must be made solid instead of veneered, as they are also brushed.

Grid dimensions

The staircase elements are offered in four different grid dimensions. Delivery is always in the form of double steps with risers (riser tread).

Discover the possibilities and customize your dream staircase!

HAFA 3D staircase configurator

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