Interesting Facts about Stairs and Stair Renovation

Wangenverkleidung, tread capping, or riser? Are you familiar with the components of a staircase? While craftsmen may find it easy, for end customers, it's often like hearing a foreign language. Here, we'd like to introduce you to the components of a staircase so that you'll know what the staircase professional is talking about next time.

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Wall handrail

Provides support while ascending or descending stairs, installed directly on the wall.


Provides support and guidance while ascending or descending stairs, mounted on the railing.

Exit / Landing Step

Top step, transition to the hallway.

Stair post.

There are three types of stair posts in a staircase railing. The post at the lower end, serving as the first post of a railing, is called the starting post; in multipart stairs, the posts, for example, at the level of a landing are called turning posts, and the last post at the top of the stairs is referred to as the exit post.

Riser cap

Covering of the cut edge of the riser.


... also called riser or toe kick.

Side panel or cheek panel.

Cladding of the lateral end of the stair step.

LED lighting

Integrated energy-efficient LED lighting for illuminating the stair tread. Can be mounted in the stair tread or stringer.

Stair tread

Designation of the tread surface of the stair step.

Side cover strip

Covering of the cut edge of the string. Transition from string to wall.


The bottom step or the first step


In some regions also called balustrade, it protects against falling when climbing stairs.

Baseboard / Skirting board

Transition between wall/floor. Covering of the floor's cut edges.

Laminate flooring

Flooring or laminate panels on the floor or hallway. Ideally in the same decor as the stair tread.

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You can also find more technical terms on our website: Lexicon - Technical Terms of Stair Renovation from A to Z.

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