A staircase renovation and refurbishment with the HAFA Treppen® System is high-quality, fast, long-lasting, and above all, affordable.

Staircase renovation used to involve a lot of dirt and noise. But with the HAFA Staircase Renovation System, that's a thing of the past. For your perfect staircase renovation, HAFA Treppen® has developed a special system for renovating and refurbishing old, unsightly, and worn-out stairs. You can forget about extensive demolition work, a lot of mess, and unpredictable additional costs for installing a new staircase! We preserve the good structure of your old stairs and quickly cover them with new HAFA Treppen® renovation steps. Whether it's a wooden or stone staircase, our staircase renovation system is suitable for any staircase. And now, staircase renovation is also possible for open stairs.

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Staircase renovation with laminate steps, vinyl steps, solid wood steps, or block steps.

HAFA Treppen® renovation steps are available in laminate, vinyl, and solid wood options. We offer all designs in various decors/wood types. In combination with our diverse accessories, this creates countless design options for your individual staircase renovation, which you can also preview in our 3D staircase configurator beforehand. Numerous customers from across the entire country rely on the extensive experience of HAFA Treppen in the areas of staircase renovation and refurbishment.

Here are the advantages of a modern staircase renovation at a glance:

  • Complete staircase renovation in just 1-2 days
  • High-quality staircase refurbishment with laminate or solid wood
  • Without extensive demolition work and unpredictable additional costs


Variations of staircase renovation

the proven one
Treppenrenovierung mit Laminatstufen von HAFA Treppen

Staircase renovation with laminate

Prefabricated laminate steps from HAFA Treppen® meet the highest standards. Innovative manufacturing techniques ensure high processing quality at the best price-performance ratio. Renovating your old stairs is therefore possible in a very short time and at a fair price.

Discover our wide range of decor options for staircase steps made of CPL laminate.
the durable one
Treppenrenovierung mit Vinylstufen von HAFA Treppen

Staircase renovation with vinyl

For areas with high demands and commercial use, HAFA Treppen® vinyl steps are the first choice. The construction of the vinyl steps is very similar to that of the laminate steps, with the difference that the surface is made of vinyl. The HAFA Treppen® vinyl steps correspond to a usage class of 43 and withstand enormous loads.

Discover our wide range of decor options for staircase steps made of vinyl.
the natural one
Treppenrenovierung mit Echtholzstufen von HAFA Treppen

Staircase renovation with solid wood steps

Staircase renovation with the high-quality HAFA Treppen® solid wood steps is the alternative to laminate or vinyl options. For those seeking a 100% natural product, this is the perfect choice. The production is carried out with state-of-the-art CNC machines, ensuring an absolutely high-quality product with precisely matched fit. This saves you hassle and mess during staircase renovation or refurbishment.

Discover our solid wood steps
the flexible one
Treppenrenovierung mit Blockstufen von HAFA Treppen

Staircase renovation with block steps

Our HAFA block steps are particularly suitable for renovating open stairs, single-stringer or double-stringer stairs, and concrete stairs. The brushed surface texture of the block step provides slip resistance and ensures a comfortable tread. Furthermore, we rely on the proven CPL laminate. This material is exceptionally resistant and durable.

Discover our block steps

Staircase renovation in detail

The modern staircase renovation system from HAFA Treppen® consists of three components: the tread step, the riser, and the stabilizing rail.

A stable hold is ensured by the specially developed stabilizing rail, which is screwed onto the old stair step and later secures the new renovation steps. This solution offers the crucial advantage that even heavily worn stair steps can be easily leveled and renovated. With old wooden stairs, annoying creaking can be minimized with the help of the newly gained stability and soundproof bonding.

With our staircase renovation system, your old staircase can receive a new look within 1-2 days and perfectly blend in with your living space.

That's why a staircase renovation with HAFA Treppen® is the right decision!

Treppenrenovierung mit Laminatstufen von HAFA Treppen

A beautiful appearance all around

HAFA Treppen® offers laminate, vinyl, and wood steps without intrusive metal and anti-slip strips, which are considered prone to dirt buildup and difficult to clean. HAFA steps are hardly distinguishable from new stairs.

Treppenrenovierung mit Vinylstufen von HAFA Treppen

Non-slip surface on the entire step

HAFA Treppen® laminate steps impress with their unique reproduction of wood tones combined with an unmatched surface texture, making them almost indistinguishable from rough wood. Our laminate steps are durable and easy to clean with just a simple wipe.

Unterblickschutz - Optik uns Schutz vor Schmutz und Ungeziefer

Underlook protection

At HAFA Treppen®, all steps are closed from below after renovation. This is ensured by the U-understructure mounting profile. This way, dust, dirt, and pests stay outside.

Details zum Trägermaterial

Stair treads with the low-swelling substrate V313

HAFA Treppen® provides you with a laminate step with a low construction height of 11 mm in the uncompromising V313 version. V313 indicates low thickness swelling, easily identifiable by its green coloration.

Details on the substrate material
Rastermaße für wenig Verschnitt

Optimized cutting thanks to grid dimensions

Easily choose from 5 different grid dimensions for our CPL laminate steps and 4 for vinyl steps, avoiding costly waste. This way, you only order the quantity you actually need to process. This saves you costs and valuable resources for a better environmental balance.

Sparen durch keine Mindestmengen

Buy only what you really need

We offer renovation products without franchise contracts and without minimum order quantities at fair prices. Request your documents and our free sample package now.

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