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Maintaining laminate stairs and floors is quite simple, but they should neither be sanded nor sealed. To ensure long-lasting enjoyment of your new staircase, consider the following care tips:


  • Cleaning should ideally be done with a vacuum cleaner, mop, or soft-bristled broom
  • The surface should only be damp, not wet, and a small amount of household cleaner can be used if necessary. Spills should be immediately wiped up
  • Avoid using wax or parquet care products as the surface is already durable and does not require additional sealing

Furthermore, it's important to maintain an optimal room climate. The ideal room temperature is around 20°C (68°F), and the ideal humidity level should be between 45% to 65%.

Questions and Answers on Laminate Care - How Do I Best Care for My Laminate?

Is there a way to prevent unsightly scratches on laminate surfaces?

Since the culprits behind most unsightly scratches are small stones, sand, or coarse street dirt, it's important to avoid them. Dirt catchers in the form of sisal, rubber, or coconut mats, or even mats at the doorstep, prevent this dirt from being tracked into the apartment and acting like sandpaper on shoe soles. Additionally, penny heels, rough soles (e.g., cleated soles), or shoes with black soles should be avoided. Encourage yourself and your guests to wear soft-soled slippers and equip the feet of your furniture with felt gliders. Office chairs, rolling containers, and file carts should be equipped with soft casters, recognizable by their two-color construction. Unfortunately, the only way to prevent scratches from pets is to avoid them playing on the laminate floor.

Vacuuming or Sweeping - what is better for my laminate floor or my laminate stairs?

Even better than sweeping with a soft broom is vacuuming. Since laminate has a very hard and impermeable surface, dirt and dust only accumulate and do not adhere firmly to the substrate. This dirt is only stirred up by sweeping and quickly settles back on floors and furniture surfaces. When vacuuming, a special parquet or laminate attachment should be used, or the brush rim should be extended. Additionally, avoid jamming the vacuum nozzle against obstacles, corners, or walls, as this can also cause scratches.

Do I need a special parquet nozzle or laminate nozzle for the vacuum cleaner?

It's not necessarily required. What's important is to avoid direct contact of the vacuum cleaner's plastic or metal parts with the floor or step. With laminate attachments, this is achieved through inserts or rings made of natural hair or felt-like material. This accessory is usually available for purchase separately but often comes with additional costs. Included with every vacuum cleaner model, however, is a universal nozzle with a brush ring that protects the surface from scratches, which can be unfolded when needed. Hard floor nozzles with rubber edges are more suitable for stone and tile floors.

What does it mean to wipe the floor or stairs "nebelfeucht"?

"Nebelfeucht" means that the cloth used to wipe the surface should be wrung out well so that it no longer drips. The floor should be completely dry after about 5 minutes, indicating that the cloth was not too wet. This prevents moisture from penetrating into the joints of the floor and causing edges to swell.

Which cleaners are suitable for laminate floors?

For most stains, acting quickly and removing the dirt promptly before it dries out is usually sufficient with clear water to eliminate stains from coffee, ketchup, or other foods. Puddles of water or larger amounts of spilled liquids should be wiped up immediately to prevent moisture from penetrating into the joints. Please do not use aggressive or solvent-containing cleaning agents as they can damage the surface.

There are also special cleaners available for laminate floors that can be added to the mopping water. All-purpose cleaners are also suitable for cleaning. Please do not use parquet cleaner, soap, or wax polish for your laminate floor, as this can cause spots and streaks on the laminate surface.

What is the ideal room climate for laminate flooring?

The ideal room temperature is around 20°C, and the ideal humidity level is between 45% to 65%. This ensures long-lasting enjoyment of your laminate flooring.

What if a deep cleaning is necessary?

If the floor is unsightly or cannot be cleaned by regular means, then a deep cleaning is necessary. You can use a special laminate cleaner or neutral cleaner for this purpose. Wipe the floor with a slightly damp cloth. Additional care treatments are not necessary and may even harm the floor.

Are steam cleaners or antistatic wipes recommended?

Please avoid using these cleaning tools for your laminate floor. The hot steam from the steam cleaner can allow too much moisture to penetrate the joints, causing the material to swell. Also, refrain from using impregnated dust cloths, as they can wear down the surface over time, resulting in dirt sticking to the floor better. The same can happen with microfiber cloths.

Small Stain 1x1 of Laminate Care

Stain / Contamination Solution
Rubber abrasion, sole marks, street dirt, colored pencils, oil pastels Dry brushing, for example, with a kitchen sponge or white nylon pad.
Fruit, berries, milk, beer, wine, tea, lemonade Soak up immediately with an absorbent cloth. For dried stains, wipe with clear water, laminate or neutral cleaner, and then dry wipe.
urine, blood Immediately wipe with a damp cloth. For dried stains, brush off gently, then remove any stubborn residue with laminate or neutral cleaner before drying thoroughly.
Felt-tip pens, ink, India ink, lipstick, carbon paper, nail polish, shoe polish, varnish, oil, tar, grease Wipe cautiously in the soiled area with a solvent-dampened cloth (using little acetone, vinegar essence, or universal thinner). Please observe the safety instructions provided for each cleaner!
Chocolate, greasy films, cooking oil Laminate or neutral cleaner.
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