Ideal for renovating concrete stairs, single-stringer and double-stringer stairs.

Especially suitable for renovating open stairs (spiral stairs), single-stringer or double-stringer stairs, and concrete stairs, our HAFA block steps are an excellent choice. With their brushed surface texture, the block steps provide slip resistance and ensure a comfortable tread. Whether using our proven CPL laminate or vinyl, both surfaces are robust, durable, and suitable for pets.

As with all HAFA products, our block steps come with a 12-year warranty against surface abrasion. Available in all our modern and visually appealing laminate and vinyl decors, these block steps can also be optionally customized in various solid wood finishes. Manufactured using state-of-the-art CNC machinery, our block steps are delivered precisely and ready for installation.

  • Pre-cut to your specifications
  • CNC precision
  • all edge sides ready for installation and decor-matched with laminate coating
  • modern decors
  • ready-to-install delivery

Construction of HAFA block steps for stair renovation

Our block steps are equipped with a multi-layered laminate panel, which allows for overhanging installation in single-beam stairs (max. 450 mm) and provides stability up to a beam spacing of 1350 mm without an intermediate strut in double-beam stairs. The impact-resistant ABS edge ensures exceptional durability of the steps.


Technical Data / Dimensions

For straight or winding laminate steps - grid dimensions (1000, 1300, 2000 mm) x 700 mm x 46 mm.
For vinyl block steps, the dimensions are (850, 1100, 1400, 1700 mm x 700 mm x 49.6 mm).

Solution for Worn-Out Stair Treads

In many houses from the 90s to today, stairs based on metal frameworks were installed, known as two-stringer and one-stringer stairs. Often, after years of daily use, the steps are worn or otherwise damaged due to pets, moving, or similar reasons.


We offer our HAFA block steps as an alternative to the time-consuming and costly process of sanding and painting the old stairs.

The individual dimensions of the steps - whether straight or winding - are precisely determined using templates. Your steps are then produced in our current decors using modern CNC technology.

Security and Design

The surfaces of the steps are equipped with an anti-slip texture, providing more security than your old wooden steps. The sides of the steps in wood design feature an attractive block gluing look.

Our vinyl block steps comply with the R9 standard for surface slip resistance (ISO BGR181).

A modern and contemporary appearance.

All block steps have square edges, which is not possible with solid wood. This achieves a clean, modern, and contemporary look.

With our HAFA block steps, all options are open to transform the old staircase into a completely new light – for example, in stone, concrete, or the modern industrial look.

Before - After Examples

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