A staircase renovation with vinyl steps

For areas with special demands and commercial use, vinyl steps from HAFA Treppen® are the first choice. The construction of the vinyl steps is very similar to that of laminate steps, with the difference that the surface is made of vinyl. The HAFA Treppen® vinyl steps correspond to usage class 41 and withstand enormous stress.

State-of-the-art manufacturing processes are the guarantee for perfect processing quality at moderate prices. The modular staircase renovation system from HAFA Treppen®, installed by professionals, leads to a perfect new staircase in a very short installation time.

Discover our vinyl decors

HAFA VINYL steps in modern colors with straight front edge - a durable quality product with a robust surface and excellent walking properties.

Staircase renovation by HAFA in vinyl decor Pinie Landhaus

Pinie Landhaus

Front edge:
Wood texture

Our Pine Country decor creates classic coziness with its texture, accentuated by warm beige to brown tones. This decor fits a classic living environment but also works in modern homes when combined with white risers and cheeks.

Staircase renovation by HAFA in vinyl decor Bergeiche


Front edge:
Wood texture

A rustic ambiance is created with our dark vinyl decor Mountain Oak. It pairs particularly well with white risers and in rooms with large indoor plants, serving as a dark accent in colorful or light environments.

 Staircase renovation by HAFA in vinyl decor Grau Astig

Grau Astig

Front edge:
Wood texture

The vinyl decor Grey Grainy spreads elegant harmony and adds a touch of classic luxury to the room. Indoor plants stand out beautifully against the light color with distinctive wood texture. It complements well with light walls or stairwells, or serves as a counterpoint to strong colors when combined with white risers.

Staircase renovation by HAFA in vinyl decor Sonneneiche


Front edge:
Wood texture

The vinyl decor Sun Oak brings warmth into your everyday life with its golden tones. It blends well in classic rooms and creates a cozy atmosphere. When combined with our LED staircase lighting, the decor stands out particularly well.

New in the lineup!
Staircase renovation by HAFA in vinyl decor Golden Oak


Front edge:
Wood texture

For nature lovers - Textured wood grain decor in shades of brown, beige, and light yellow (golden yellow) with distinctive knots - suitable for stairs in older architectural styles or as a color accent for lighter and white spaces/stairwells. Rustic and enduring appearance.

Here are some additional informations about our vinyl stair treads

For heavy usage in residential areas, suitable for commercial and industrial use. HAFA's vinyl steps have the following properties, among others:

  • scratch-resistant
  • joint-friendly walking sensation
  • good slip resistance
  • 12-year warranty on surface abrasion

Our VINYL steps are suitable for heavy usage in commercial and private settings. The surface is PUR-coated and has a 0.5 mm thick wear layer. Due to the elastic properties of all components, they are joint-friendly and absorb footfall noise.
By using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology and surface embossing, this combination results in an almost indistinguishable copy of real wood in terms of touch and appearance.

Front edge

Straight front edge - classic

Classically beautiful - renovation steps with straight front edge


The vinyl plastic covering with PUR coating corresponds to usage class 42 according to DIN EN 685. The surface of the vinyl steps withstands heavy usage and, thanks to the brushed wood-like surface structure resembling wood decors, provides slip resistance (anti-slip R10).


The dimensions of HAFA vinyl stair treads

We offer vinyl stair treads as standard in 4 different lengths: 900, 1200, 1500, and 1800 mm. So, only order what you really need and avoid costly waste! For large-scale purchasers and industrial clients, we also offer 4100 mm long vinyl stair tread panels.


HAFA provides you with a vinyl step with a low construction height of 11 mm, featuring a stable support plate.

The quality fiberboard ensures 30% less thickness swelling, 20% more tensile and flexural strength.

Support material V313

Garantie für beste Qualität der Materialien zur Treppenrenovierung.

Bei der Qualität der eingesetzten Materialien gehen wir keine Kompromisse ein:

The robust support plate forms the basis of the entire HAFA vinyl step program. The authentic appearance is created by LVT quality printing.

This is well protected by a 0.5 mm vinyl wear layer in usage classes 23/33/42. The PUR coating makes the surface matte and particularly resistant to scratches, moisture, and impacts.

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Request your free sample package now!

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Processing with our aluminum profiles

The installation of the renovation steps is done using our stabilization rail and special adhesive. Depending on whether you want to renovate a wooden or stone staircase, with or without LED lighting, various rails are available for selection.

Aluminium U20 profile

for staircase renovations on wooden stairs

Aluminium U40 profile

for staircase renovations on wooden stairs

for LED lighting
Aluminium Z profile with LED light channel

for staircase renovations on stone stairs

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